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Equilibrium Hamper

Equilibrium Fruit Gift Hamper

The Equilibrium Fruit Basket perfectly balances deliciously good-for-you low fructose and yin alkaline fruit packs, with high quality cocoa and chocolatey treats.

For allergen information please contact us.


  • A Deep Fabric Lined Gift Basket containing an array of refreshing fruits including:
  • Pink & Yellow Grapefruits, Kiwis, Honeydew Melon, Avocado, Coconut,
  • Plums, Dates and Black Sable Grapes.
  • Real Fruit Jellies (70% Pulp) by Pandora Bell 150g
  • Forest Feast Belgian Chocolate Enrobed Mangoes 85g

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Equilibrium - High

Equilibrium - High Alkaline

The concept behind this gift idea is the combination of chocolatey items, which are quite acidic for humans along with the alkalininty and low fructose content of much of the fruit included. The final result is a stunninngly beautiful and colourful gift idea.

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Artisan Equilibrium

Artisan Equilibrium

Available May-September only due to fruit seasonality.

For those looking for a predominantly fruity basket, with a gourmet, savoury twist. Gold medal award winning organic salmon, smoked duck, wild venison salami, dry cured lamb, ham and vintage cheddar cheese add a flavoursome and taste filled dimension.

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High Energy Fruit Basket

High Energy Fruit Basket

Combining our fruit collections which emphasise energy and the release of energy along with a collection of chocolately products. This basket simply makes for a beautifual bright and colourful gift idea for multiple occasions.

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